Sports Injuries occur at all ages. They can range from your high school athlete, to you weekend warriors and even the occasional golfers. The majority of damage is done to your body by not treating your injury correctly.

High school athletes are at such a critical stage of their life. When kids get hurt at such a young age it is very important for them to get evaluated properly. No matter how minor the injury may seem to your child, your children are like rubber balls and can bounce of anything and think that they are ok. Some injuries can cause their spine to be altered and if they do not get their spine adjusted correctly, their spine will heal in an unbalanced/misaligned position, which will affect their posture for the rest of their life. Some injuries may be more muscular in nature in which the muscle will get strained. The normal process for strained muscles to heal is to repair itself by creating scar tissue. Scar tissue is not as flexible as normal tissue causing more tightness to that muscle which can pull or alter normal range of motion around the affected area or joint.

Chiropractic Doctor’s can help adjust the spine and heal the muscles correctly so that scar tissue does not develop and can help prevent degeneration in the affected joint. Call us today to get evaluated and allow your body to heal at its optimal potential.